Fellow Patriots,

I’ve been waiting to send out this email so that those who were not able to attend the debate for our congressional district of Florida would have a chance to see the candidates and hear their responses to a number of questions. This was a controlled debate in which a set period of time was allotted to each candidate and not an open advertising campaign. I think you will find it very informative in order to make a wiser decision as to whom to cast your vote.

The entire debate as 90 minutes, so plan some time. It is broken into two videos, one 30 minutes and the other the balance of time. Enjoy and I do hope you all had a memorable 4th of July celebration.

One last note: It was announced that due to lower turn out in the summer months, there will not be a scheduled meeting for July and August. We will resume in September with a guest speaker on a topic that involves our local community.

Until then, watch for “alerts and updates.” God bless – Dan












Video #1


Video #2

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