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How can we know for sure?

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Building Neighborhood Spirit  by sharing our love with those in need.

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Hosanna House

Because the goal of Hosanna House is for a woman to become a whole and healthy member of the community, able to give as she has been given to, it is not sufficient simply to provide short-term housing.
   Hosanna House focuses on providing physical, emotional, and spiritual healing which are necessary for a new beginning in her life.
   Hosanna House takes a holistic, Christ-centered approach by offering programs that will enable a women to receive healing in all three areas. Programs include life skill classes, practical classes, and spiritual programs.
   Although the life skill and practical classes are necessary for women to become stable and independent, the spiritual programs are most important to the healing process.
   In order fo healing to occur, a woman must truly begin to exper-ience God's presence in her life and realize the hope that she can receive from opening her life to Jesus. Through these Christ-centered programs, a woman can find strength and renewed purpose in her life.


Hosanna House is a place of new beginnings for women.  It is a Christ-centered haven that provides hope through teaching and a loving environment to meet the challenges of a renewed life.

The mission for Hosanna House is to provide a place where women can come to be renewed.  The ministry is based on Isaiah 61:1-4.

Hosanna House has 4 specific goals for the women who are served: (1) to share the Gospel of the Good News of Jesus Christ, (2) to achieve emotional and spiritual healing, (3) to transform the inner person, and (4) to give hope for the future.

PO Box 5094
Destin, Florida 32540
(850) 837-7430 Office