Coast to Coast Video Productions UTAH Weddings

Bronze Package - Single Camera Wedding Video coverage $500.
Unedited video transferred to one DVD.

Bronze Plus - Two Camera Wedding Video coverage and editing $750.
The two rolls of digital video tape will be edited together and transferred to 3 finished DVD's.     
Single Camera Reception coverage without editing $150 per hour --- $250 with editing.

Included Items Bronze Package Silver Package Gold Package
Wireless & Audio Capture
Ceremony - 3 Cameras

1 Camera

2 Cameras
Reception - 2 Cameras   1 Camera
Wedding Day Highlights   
Up to $1,250 of Options  
DVD copies One unedited DVD Three DVD's

DVD on Internet

5 DVD copies  
Price $500 $1,750 $2,750

Includes wedding coverage with two digital cameras.  Plus three hours of single camera reception coverage with editing.  We also capture and edit the surrounding area or resort to show the beauty of your wedding location.  Your finished DVD menu will also include a selection of stills from your wedding album.

Includes three camera wedding coverage.  Two camera reception coverage for the first hour.  One camera for the remaining 2 hours.  The Gold Package also includes $1,000 worth of OPTIONS from the selection below.

Coast to Coast LIVE Wedding (over the Internet) $650. 
We offer you the best way to enjoy your destination wedding and still have everyone who couldn't make the trip join you LIVE for the LIVE2 celebration.  Our single camera position will give your family and friends, located anywhere in the world, the best vantage place to see and hear your wedding.  This package will also include a private Chat connection linking all your online guests and giving them a chance to send you their well wishes as they view your celebration.

Your LIVE WEDDING video will remain on line for 30 days with unlimited viewing. One DVD is included of the transferred original camera footage (unedited).
Requirements for at home guests: High-speed Internet or DSL.  PC computer with Windows media player.
Coast to Coast LIVE is available at many Emerald Coast Wedding locations and through our affiliates world wide.  Please call regarding your location and availability.  Most wedding venues have high speed access.

If your LIVE event also includes a Reception, we recommend capturing your wedding on video tape first, then do a LIVE REPLAY of your wedding to the Internet while your photographer is shooting after wedding still pictures.  When picture taking is over you head to your reception and your Internet guests have just viewed your wedding.  You then make your grand entrance LIVE and everyone at home and those with you start your celebration.
Reception coverage please add $250 per hour.

NOTE:  Prices subject to change without written, signed contracts.
We only accept PAYPAL or Checks for payment.


Pre-Ceremony Highlights  
  One of our most popular options. This option includes complete coverage at your ceremony venue of Pre-Ceremony preparations. Footage is edited to create an emotion filled highlight video of your preparations. Makes a great beginning to the wedding day video.
Price $500 - up

Pre-Ceremony Locations
  We follow the bride to get her hair and nails done. We also will follow the groom as he gets ready. This additional footage is used to enhance and lengthen the standard pre-ceremony highlights video.
Price $300 - up 

Moving Photo Montage
  Another popular option. Provide us with photos of your growing up years and we will set them to your choice of music. Our editing computers allow us to zoom in and out, pan around on the photos and add special effects to create video movement with your still pictures. Your montage is completed before the wedding and placed on DVD for your show at your reception. Video projection can be purchased as an add-on. The final price will vary based on number of pictures X $5 plus any added items like 8mm film or VHS tapes.
Price $250 - up (First 30 pictures included) 

Big Screen Video Projection
  We will supply the projector, screen and required sound hook-ups to show your Photo Montage, Love Story or Concept Video shown at your rehearsal dinner. Also available for showing your Wedding at the Wedding shown at your reception.
Price $450 - up
Wedding at the Wedding
  We gather and edit the best clips of your day through the end of your ceremony and have them ready to play back at your reception. This feature includes a Large Screen Projection package. A minimum of 4 hours is required between the ceremony and projection time at the reception. DVD copies $10 each (25 minimum).
Price $1,250    This special feature is not available as an option. It must be purchased separately. 

Post Wedding Ceremony Highlights
  We video the picture session at the wedding location, arrival at the reception, reception venue settings and edit everything into a beautiful highlight production of an often forgotten part of your day.
Price $250 

After Wedding Sunset Beach Clips
  We will follow you to a beach location for Bride and Groom sunset clips.  This footage is then added to the Post Ceremony Highlights for a more complete coverage.  Earlier voice recordings may be added to footage.
Price $300 with voices, $150 without voices. 

Reception Video Coverage Beyond Two Hours and Rush Reception Editing
  All our packages include two hours of coverage with two cameramen. The clips are edited into your reception music for a fun dance video of you and your guests. You can relive the party. This is a favorite option by many customers. This editing will be added to your Wedding Day Highlights.
Price $500 per hour for two camera operators for each additional hour beyond first two.
$250 per hour to keep one cameraman beyond the first two hours.

Tell Your Love Story Video
  If you're planning a large reception back home and will show your wedding video to them, consider adding a love story.  What better way to have your invited guests hear how you fell in love.
A day or two before your wedding day we will  interview you in a scenic setting of your choice. Pricing begins with up to 4 hours shooting on location. Price varies based on the complexity of your Love Story and on the amount of editing time required.
Price $500 - $1,500

Two Camera Rehearsal Dinner Coverage
  After watching your rehearsal we will follow you to the rehearsal dinner with two cameras and film the happenings including the toasts, gift exchange and personal moments with your close family and friends. Well wishes can be recorded from the wedding party and family if desired. The unedited footage is then transferred to DVD.  Editing is optional.
Price $500 

Recap Honeymoon Photo Montage
  Provide us with some pictures from your honeymoon and we make a montage set to your music. Our pan and zoom abilities will bring life to your snapshots. What better way to end your wedding video?
Price $250 and up. 

Special Cinematic Bridal Portrait
  A perfect video created with the bride in her dress, hair all done and at a beach setting.  This video showcases the princess bride in the local setting. This clip is created prior to the wedding day and can be shown at the reception.
Price $400 

Artistic Video Menu

Let our designers create a special animated menu to start your celebration video. Your menu will be created to match your theme and colors along with your favorite music.
Price $250


Family Storyteller Interviews
  Interview with the bride and groom, family and the bridal party after the wedding. These interviews are then edited together with video from the day to create an emotional memory of the wedding day. This replaces the wedding day highlights.
Price $500  

Biography Video Montage
  Replace the standard photo montage by telling the story of the bride and groom using parent and grandparent interviews. We like to combined these interviews with photos to build a complete story introducing the bride and groom to all the guests at the reception. Price based on complexity of the interviews.
Price $500 - $1,500

Let's Have Fun Video
  We can help you tell the story of how you met and fell in love in a way that is fun for your guests and in a way they aren't anticipating. Imagine spoofing your favorite television show or movie? How about your own short film? A concept style video is only limited by your imagination. Let us help you plan and create your concept video. Wait to you see what they have been doing in England. Price varies based on time.
Call for pricing

Special DVD Creation
  Note: This option can't be used as part of the selections for standard package selections. It must be purchased in addition to a package purchase.
When the final edit is completed we will send your full project to a media specialist to create Hollywood like DVD menus, labels and case inserts.
Price $350 - up

Long Form Wedding Ceremony Edit
  This edit includes your complete wedding ceremony.  All prayers, vows and singers are captured in this long form edit, just as it happened. We will start shooting video five minutes before the grandparents are seated and end as guests depart the ceremony.
Price $500 - up

Wedding Ceremonies Longer Than 30 Minutes
  Weddings ceremonies longer than 30 minutes will require our production department over 6 additional hours to process and edit the extra footage.  Due to the fact that 90% of our local wedding business here on the Emerald Coast is at a Beach, Country Club lawn or in a small Chapel, we priced the ceremony time for under 30 minute.  All special weddings ceremonies of over 30 minutes in length need to add $500.

Post Wedding Ceremony Edit
  This edit add-on will include video of what happened after your wedding but before your reception gets started..  Great time to get candid video of all the after wedding excitement.  On the beach or at the church.  During the time you and your wedding party are being posed for still pictures.  Includes all the fun interaction.
Price $250
Guests Comments and Well Wishes
  This add-on is provided with a second camera and operator, in a quiet location near the reception to allow your guests to privately share their love and well wishes to you and your groom.
Price $250
Additional DVDs